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1 July 2020 Legionella Found in Water Tanks at the Eastbourne Campus of the University of Brighton.

posted 6 Jul 2020, 06:47 by Ian Clarenbone
The outbreak has thwarted plans to re-open Sportswise, the specialist private clinic for the treatment of sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems, in The Welkin Building in Carlisle Road. A spokesperson confirmed that because of the presence of Legionella in the water tanks at the building, the plan had been put on hold.

A spokesperson said, “We hope to get news from the university that the test after treatment will be clear in the week starting Monday July 6 with the hope to re-open from Wednesday July 8. We will start to call patients on our holding list to go through the pre-screening in the coming days. However, if the test comes back as not clear then we will call you again to postpone. Services continue from the Natural Fitness Centre in the interim period.”

A spokesperson for the University of Brighton said, “Many of our buildings currently are closed due to the coronavirus. As part of normal processes for re-opening, we have conducted cleansing and routine tests on water supplies to ensure they are safe prior to reoccupation. During recent tests we have had a small number of positive results which is not unusual when buildings and water supplies have been unused for a period of time. We currently are sterilising the impacted areas which, again, is a routine procedure, to help minimise the risk of a legionella outbreak, prior to allowing reoccupation. The safety of everyone who uses our buildings remains paramount.”