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20 May 2021 Aberdeenshire Council HQ closed after suspected Legionella find

posted 21 May 2021, 05:38 by Ian Clarenbone
Aberdeenshire Council has been forced to close its city headquarters – after bacteria was found in the water supply. The local authority detected what is suspected to be Legionella at Woodhill House during routine testing. Woodhill House will remain closed until bacterial experts give the all clear. A spokesman confirmed the find, emphasising no one had taken ill in connection.

The numbers of employees working in the Aberdeenshire Council offices is still understood to be limited, due to the pandemic.

A spokesman for the local authority said: “As part of routine sampling and testing, an early warning flagged that there is a possibility of legionella in the water systems of Woodhill House. Specialists are on site cleaning, flushing and re-testing the water. As a result, the building will be closed until the all-clear is provided. Plans were put in place to move staff who must have a presence in an office, and Public Health advice is being shared with colleagues. Limited staff and partners are present in the building currently, and have been advised by their line manager of what to look out for.”