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28 May 2018 Legionella bacteria was found on the Pride of Kent P&O ferry after it returned to service

posted 4 Jun 2018, 01:19 by Ian Clarenbone

The bacteria was found in shower heads in facilities used by crew members in the Pride of Kent. Pipes are now being flushed through in an attempt to rid the cross channel ferry of the organisms.

The Pride of Kent, which operates between Dover and Calais, was pulled out of action after smashing into the Port of Calais last December during Storm Ania.

A P&O spokesman said the bacteria was found in May during routine tests.

"After its return to service after a five month absence, we conducted routine tests on the Pride of Kent and found low levels of Legionella bacteria in three shower heads in the crew quarters. This is being dealt with by the standard process of super-chlorination followed by the flushing through of the pipes. It is important to note that Legionella bacteria is naturally occurring in water and at these levels there is minimal risk to passengers or crew."