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Closed systems are typically heating (LPHW or LTHW), chilled or condenser water systems.

Water quality problems associated with closed systems are Scale, Corrosion and Microbiological fouling. Freeston Water Treatment has specialist knowledge in these areas and can design a complete treatment regime’s so that closed systems can operate trouble free.

Freeston Water Treatment have significant experience in the sampling, monitoring and treatment of closed water systems working inline with BSRIA BG29 Pre commission cleaning, BgG50 Water Treatment, BSI BS8552 Closed Systems sampling.

Treatment and Analysis

The treatment of closed heating and cooling systems is often a combination of chemical and physical applications. Freeston has a range of chemical products suitable for different system components. Our chemical inhibitors, combined if necessary with filtration provide excellent protection to closed systems.


Our technicians undertake onsite chemistry analysis for on the day results and reporting.  For more technical System analysis we submit samples to our laboratory for testing and then provide sample certification with recommendations as required.

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