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L8 Risk Assessments

COSHH & HSW Act Regulatory Compliance

To ensure compliance with the COSHH and HSW act regulations employers must have a legionella Risk Assessment undertaken and for this to be regularly reviewed. Ideally a legionella risk assessment should be undertaken prior to the maintenance regime being put in place. Often this is not the case, however it is essential that a Risk Assessment be undertaken so that system risks can be identified, this will include the management, documentation and maintenance regime being reviewed.

For employers / properties with less than five employees there is no statutory duty to write anything down, but it is seen as useful to keep a written record of what has been done.

HSG 274 Part 2 states:

“Carrying out a legionella risk assessment and ensuring it remains up to date is required under health and safety law and is a key duty when managing the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria.”

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