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Thames Quarter undergoes precautionary treatment works after legionella found in water system

RESIDENTS of Reading apartment block were advised not to use their showers after routine maintenance produced a positive test for legionella.

Those living in Thames Quarter, Napier Road, were contacted by building management last week, who confirmed that a sample of water had tested positive for the bacteria.

While kitchen sinks were still safe to use for drinking water and food preparation, residents were advised to avoid using showers and linked attachments. Baths and washbasins were also deemed safe to use. This is because legionella does not cause disease through being consumed or skin contact, but through inhalation of water droplets

In an email to residents, building management explained that they consulted with a water hygiene specialist who advised disinfecting cold water tanks as a precautionary measure.

A representative of Savill’s, the agent which manages the building, said: “We can confirm that treatment works were quickly initiated at the scheme following regular planned maintenance works of the water distribution system and are taking place under the supervision of water hygiene experts in line with industry best practice to safely restore services as quickly as possible. The safety of residents is always our primary concern and we remain in regular contact with them on the outcome of the works and apologise for the inconvenience.”

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